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    CCIE Security virtual WSA

    Are you currently using a virtual WSA for your studies? Using WSA version 7.5 when the lab is testing on version 7.1 may not be the best plan of action. Our racks have WSA appliances running the correct version needed to study for your labs.

    CCIE R&S v5

    We have new equipment to run the 15.x IOS required for the new v5 labs. We have not settled on a topology yet and can accommodate most any custom topology needs.

    CCIE R&S rack rentals

    We currently have 2 racks available with new hardware that is running the new version of IOS required for the v5 labs. Because the requirements are new, we have not settled on a topology yet. The topology can be customized to your needs.

    CCIE DC Rack Rental

    CCIE DC Rack Rental are now available @ .One of the most advance equipment and 100% as per the blueprint, our equipment supports full-scale IP expert and INE labs from their preparation workbooks. Actually we run an ecommerce site which Specializes in providing training products and services for individuals pursuing Certifications in the networking industry, in particular the high respected CCIE.
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    CCIE DC Date Swap.

    Hi Everyone,

    Good Day to all. I am preparing for CCIE Datacenter and got a date in Feb'2015. If there is anyone who has a recent date (Aug or Sept) and wants to swap, please let me know.

    Thanks & Regards,



    any one is preparing CCIE Datacenter? I need some information on this.

    If any one is preparing please update so that I can get some clarificatoins on this, I nee thanks.



    There is a new forum where all the Updates are available with updates IOU

    passcertificates dot org

    Just an FYI for everyone who is preparing for the attempt